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Al Noor Orchard

Posted on May 11, 2021 by Bader Munir in Comercial, House, Lahore, Lahore Ring Road, low income person, low investment, low price, Offices, Plot, Plot Files, Real Estate

Al Noor Orchard is an astonishing real-estate project in surroundings of Lahore. Every main attraction of Lahore city is just 30 minutes drive away from Al Noor orchard. A complete package which is affordable in many ways

Why Al Noor Orchard?

A solid question raised by every real estate investor why should they invest in Al Noor Orchard. Following are the main reasons

Urban Ravi Project is Government initiative to use the undeveloped land of Ravi river. According to Government sources there will be two phases of Urban Ravi Project. Phase 1 will be located near and Phase 2 will be adjected to Al Noor Orchard. It gives a solid reason to real estate entrepreneurs to invest in Al Noor Orchard.

Lahore Smart City is an upcoming project near Kala Shah Kako and Sialkot Motorway. It also signifies the Al Noor Orchard importance in Real Estate Arena of Newly developed projects.

Development Standards are set very high in Al Noor Orchard. Every bit of the project is considered very important. You must pay visit to Al Noor Orchard developed Blocks to witness the high standards of development in Al Noor Orchard.

Possession Available Al Noor Orchard has developed and  successfully delivered Blocks A, B, C and D. Many houses are constructed and community is established. Many investing options are available in these Blocks. If you are looking for a Plot with possession and want to build a house in Al Noor Orchard. Then Block A, B and C are best available options.

West Marina Block is the newly launched and it becomes very prominent in no times. West Marina lay out includes a 4 acre lake which differentiate it from others Developed blocks of Al Noor Orchard. In simple Words West Marina Block is just like Cherry on the Cake.





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