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Al Noor Orchard

Al Noor Orchard is an astonishing real-estate project in surroundings of Lahore. Every main attraction of Lahore city is just 30 minutes drive away from Al Noor orchard. A complete package which is affordable in many ways Why Al Noor Orchard? A solid question raised by every real estate investor
property terminology
Since we all are beginners at some point in our life. In daily routine life we heard many terms or glossaries which we have never heard before. Same is the case in Real Estate business. experts use many real estate terms which are unfamiliar for us. We have tried level
In simple words Inteqal means transfer of property from one person to another. Inteqal is completed on the basis of Registry.  Patwari updates the land record of seller and buyer and that land record update is called JAMABANDI.      Share Tweet Related posts: How to make safe property investment
Computerised Fard Sample
Fard is the basic document of every property transaction. Fard gives you very important information such as  ownership and area of the property. Fard is issued by Land Record Authority on request of the eowner. A clear picture of the owner is also printed on Fard. After getting the copy
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