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Girdawari or Girdori both have the same objective. Girdawari is a land leasing right certificate which is issued to the person who obtains land on lease with the permission of owner. The person (mostly Patwari) who issued Girdawari is Girdori or Girdawar. Share Tweet Related posts: What is Inteqal of
Registry Estam


What is registry?

Registry is a proof of ownership. It is an agreement deed between buyer and seller and that deed is written or printed on estam paper. Estam Paper value will be acccording the value property being sold. Process of registry will be completed under the observation of Tehsildar. Both buyer and
Shajra is comprehensive map of the property issued by patwari. It provides detailed information of each Khasra number, its size, location and adjoining properties. Aks Shajra is a specified map drafted by Patwari on a drawing paper on the demand of property owner. Aks Shajra is needed when you are
If you read any official land record document, you will came across land measurements terms which are not common in daily life.  So it creates confusion for a buyer to understand any official documents. Here we have tried to explain land measurements, which are common in real estate business. Acre
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