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How to understand Land measurements ?

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Bader Munir in Agricultural Land, Flats, Land measurement terms, Land records, Plot, Real Estate, Uncategorized

If you read any official land record document, you will came across land measurements terms which are not common in daily life.  So it creates confusion for a buyer to understand any official documents. Here we have tried to explain land measurements, which are common in real estate business.


Acre is a piece of land which is equal to 1.3 football pitches. An Acre is equal to 8 kanals


Half of Acre is called Bigha. Its equal to 4 kanals.


1 Kanal is equal to 20 marlas.


Marla size is not same in throughout the country. It varies  from 225 Sq ft to 272 Sq ft.


It is the smallest land measurement in land record. it is equal to 25 sq ft. 9 Sarahis is equal to 1 marla.


It is a number allotted by land record authority to precise piece of land, which have one or more than one khatoni. Khewat number can be changed when land record is updated.


Khewat is more break down into Khatoni number by land record authority.  it includes several khasra numbers which can differ.


It is specific number allotted by Land Record Authority under khatoni segment.


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