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Future of Pakistan Real Estate market in 2018

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Bader Munir in Flats, House, Investment in Islamabad, Islamabad, Lahore, Lahore Ring Road, Offices, Plot, Uncategorized

Pakistan real estate market was on boom in early 2016 then Government tax scheme came in and investments started drying up in 2017. Now we are going to enter in 2018 with turmoil and every investor has concerns about real estate market behaviour. According to property pioneers, current real estate downfall is worse than 2004-5.In this blog, we have tried to portray an overview of Pakistan Real estate market. 

Most affected 

Luxury properties (prices over 2 crores) were the most affected Areas in 2017 and still stagnation is predicted in 2018. Price fall has been observed more than 20% in this category. Many under develop projects are also facing decline because of the delayed possessions. Investors are more vigilant now and preferred to invest in onground projects.

Less affected

5 and 3 marla properties which have price cycle under 50 lakhs are less touched by real estate crunch in Pakistan. Modest budget needs always attract low price properties. Though, little stagnation has observed but things are getting back on trackAlready developed and well populated areas are also less affected. In well settled areas, rent income is another plus point for investors.

Pros of falling Prices

Huge downfall in real estate prices has ringed the bells for both developers and investors. Developers have realised that only way to captivate investors is to deliver on time with satisfactory development standards. Therefore development work in many upcoming projects are on rapid speed track. Low prices have also attract many new average income investors. According to many realtors, flats and apartments sales are lifted up. Easy Instalments plans have made it easy for a salary person to invest his savings in real estate. 

How to deal with it

As an investor you should always be an opportunist and look at the positive side of the picture. Now property prices are lower than the past. It is the best time to park your investments. If you are looking for best results you should seek  new investment destination like Gawadar, Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi, DHA  and Islamabad new airport.

Don’t expect miracle overnight

2018 will not bring any big change in real estate market. Though prices are expected to be sustained in coming times. If you have already invested at high price stage and now facing price decline. There is no need to be rushed to sale your investments at low price. We recommend, wait for next 5-6 months and look for better deals.

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  2. 2018 will prove to be the best year for Pakistan’s Real Estate.As there are some plans put forward by the government officials and work has been started on those plans too.So, the change is not far away, soon the results will start to come.

  3. Well as the new year 2018 starts. Our Real Estate gross is higher. Bahria Town is the big project of Pakistan.People are coming to visit and there mind is set for the big project.

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